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Insurance company "" insurance company "" has paid about 6 million roubles for two stolen expensive foreign cars
In july, 2010 has indemnified to the clients a cumulative loss. .
Rating insurance company "russia" has joined the agreement on interaction of the insurance organisations - members
Of alfactrahovanie the insurance market is a constant member of association of counteraction to stealings of vehicles
Advance the foreign cars bought on tick
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If you attentively look at policy  in point 5 (the insurance sum) you can read that the insurance sum under policy makes 400 000 roubles.

The given sum shares on  240 000 roubles for payments on a damage put to life and health of victims and  160 000 roubles for payments on a damage put to property of victims, that is the car. and it only in the event that in participants of failure became  3 and more vehicles.

 if 2 participants the insurer will pay no more than 160 000 roubles on a damage caused to life and health of victims, and  no more than 120 000 roubles on a damage caused to the car of the victim participated in failure only.

It means that on the majority of insured events (road accident without victims and victims on health) the insurance sum will make only 120 000 roubles that 4000 dollars approximately equal. agree,  not too it is a lot of.

Yes , of course, it will suffice for repair and restoration of any car of a domestic production, but here on foreign car repair can and  not suffice.

Accordingly if foreign car repair costs 300 000 roubles the insurance company will pay only 120 000 roubles, and the rest to you should be paid to the victim from the pocket.

That you had not to search for money resources to restore another's car, we suggest you to buy the policy of assurance of the voluntary civil liability.

  besides the given policy costs much more cheaply policy (about 20-70 us dollars, depending on the chosen insurance sum). you can choose the insurance sum under the policy from  10 000 to 150 000 us dollars. within the given sum the insurance company will pay necessary money resources to the victim if the sum of losses has exceeded responsibility limits under policy .

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