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Of news of autoinsurance

Insurance company "" insurance company "" has paid about 6 million roubles for two stolen expensive foreign cars
In july, 2010 has indemnified to the clients a cumulative loss...
Rating insurance company "russia" has joined the agreement on interaction of the insurance organisations - members
Of alfactrahovanie the insurance market is a constant member of association of counteraction to stealings of vehicles
Advance the foreign cars bought on tick
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Our discounts!

Insurance shop "" gives to each client an additional discount for policy (thus official discounts of the companies remain)!

Discount size:

  • The discount of 5 % for private persons;
  • The discount to 10 % at corporate insurance.

At insurance by private persons of 2 and more cars at a time, and also at insurance of very expensive car the discount can be more!

Examples of cost of policy taking into account our discount:

C approximate also are specified only for presentation.

1. the automobile owner has decided to insure expensive car  volvo s80  of 2010 of century, cost of $33000 on . official cost of policy on volvo s80 car will make 60000 roubles! and now look, how many this automobile owner will pay, having addressed in insurance shop "": 60000-6600 (a discount of 11 %) = 53400 roubles.

* the economy will make 6600 roubles At a time!

2. the automobile owner has decided to insure 2 cars: one very expensive  mercedes e240  2010 of century, cost of $45000, and also the second car in a family  hyundai getz of 2010 of century, cost of $10000 on . official cost of policy on car mercedes e240 will make 82900 roubles and 27200 roubles on hyundai getz car. total: 110100 roubles for 2 cars. now let's look, how many this automobile owner will pay, having addressed in insurance shop "": mercedes e240 (82900-12400 (a discount of 15 %) = 70500 roubles and hyundai getz (27200-4896 (a discount of 18 %) = 22304 roubles. total: 70500 + 22304 = 92804 roubles.

Проститутки Петербурга

* the economy will make 17296 roubles At a time!

3. the large trading company has decided to insure 20 corporate cars  hyundai accent of 2010 of century, cost of $15500 under policyofficial cost of policies of 20 cars of hyundai accent will make 536960 roubles. we look, how many this company will pay, having addressed in insurance shop "": hyundai accent (536960-91283 ( taking into account a discount in 17 % for each car) = 445677 roubles.

* the economy will make 91283 roubles At a time!

At insurance of several expensive cars the economy will make even more considerable sum.

Legality of a discount for policy :

Our discount is absolutely lawful, and that is why:

  1.       ;
  2. Documentary in the policy or the receipt on payment of insurance policy there will be a sum officially accepted in the insurance company.
  3. The current legislation does not provide additional discounts on , therefore we  do not give a discount on  (naturally except officially established by the law!) .

So, you can calculate and issue the policy at a discount!

Simply fill Questionnaire For calculation and receive a discount!

We will calculate cost already taking into account a discount and we will pick up the best conditions.

Our discounts!

  • — 5%  .
  • —    10%.

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